We only Have a weird zip file but let's do this !

Step 1: Brute force

The zip file is password protected, first thing to do, let's try to crack the password...

fcrackzip -D -p /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt -u

PASSWORD FOUND!!!!: pw == 0

Step 2: How it works

Once we know that the password is '0', we can unzip the file, TADA ! What we found is just another zip file '', we can easily guess that there are 128 zip files to decode.
Okay, At this time I was a bit lost, but when I discovered that Every zip files passwords were '0' or '1' I understood that I should write down every passwords

Step 3: Scripting

Here's my script to unzip every files.
import zipfile
import os

GLOB_NUM = 128

def get_name(i):
    return GLOB_BEGIN+str(i)+GLOB_END

def try_mdp(filename):
    pswd = '0'
    pswd2 = '1'

        with zipfile.ZipFile(filename) as file:
            file.extractall(pwd = bytes(pswd, 'utf-8'))
            return pswd
    except :
        with zipfile.ZipFile(filename) as file:
             file.extractall(pwd = bytes(pswd2, 'utf-8'))
             return pswd2

if __name__ == "__main__":
    while 1:
        print("mdp: " + MDP)

Et voilĂ , Here is the cypher:
Also, The last zip file contains a png picture showing the following key:

Last Step: Decode AES

I've export the binary code as a raw file, then I've decode it with the key

Here is the flag: flag{steg0_a3s}